Meet Our Team

Amy Shimp

General Manager

Amy, a Baltimore native, joined Dulaney Valley as General Manager in 2007 when the John O. Mitchell family of Mitchell-Wiedefeld purchased the cemetery. She began her career as a cemeterian in 2001 when she worked for a large corporation. Previously, she received her M.B.A., owned two ice cream shops, raised funds for United Way and managed various functions in a large life insurance company.

Lisa Standiford

Office Manager

Lisa began her career at Dulaney Valley while in high school under the work study program. She has been part of the Dulaney Valley family for over 30 years. Lisa oversees the administrative functions and works closely with the Funeral Directors to ensure that every family has a positive experience. She resides in Carney with her husband and two children. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys reading, swimming and traveling with family and friends.

Michael Wancowicz

Administrative Support/ John Tyrie & Son Design Consultant

Michael joined Dulaney Valley in March of 1999 where he served as a Senior Family Service Advisor for 17 years. In February 2017, Michael accepted the role of Design Consultant for John Tyrie & Son of Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens monument company. Michael continues to help facilitate the efforts of the Dulaney Valley Family Service Advisors by providing administrative and managerial support. He resides in Perry Hall with his dog, Bumper the Chihuahua.

Family Service Advisors

Nick Skinner

Family Service Advisor

Originally from England, Nick has been a Family Service Advisor in the Baltimore area since 1995. He is an ordained minister and often provides spiritual support to families coping with a loss. Nick lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, Janice, and has three children: Nick, Tiffany and Zachary.

Tripp Winter

Family Service Advisor

Prior to joining Dulaney Valley in 2011, Tripp was a member of The Board of Realtors, assisting in the transfer of property in the Baltimore area for 25 years. He lives in Timonium with his three children and enjoys playing tennis and skiing in his spare time.

George Pecsek

Family Service Advisor

Before joining Dulaney Valley, George's experience began when he was a MASH Unit Trauma Specialist in the U.S. Army. He then worked at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and University, first, as a member of the ER Team and then in Clinical Research for the National Institutes of Health. George has three children, one grandchild, lives in Perry Hall and is an avid fisherman.
In addition to our Managers and Family Service Advisors, Dulaney Valley has both an administrative and maintenance team dedicated to providing our families with the greatest of care.