Today's hectic and demanding lifestyles require that families prepare in advance for life-altering changes. Preneed arrangements enable families to eliminate the emotional and the financial strain of making death care plans at the time of need.

Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens allows families to pre-plan and take the frustration out of tomorrow's uncertainty. Pre-planning brings security, peace of mind, comfort and assurance to your family.

When planning ahead, you may consider many options available. You have the opportunity to make an informed decision about your cemetery arrangements and the form of memorialization you prefer. You are able to make choices that are meaningful to both you and your family and you gain peace of mind knowing your family and friends will be relieved of the emotional and financial burden often associated with making arrangements after a death.

Making cemetery arrangements in advance of need is both a loving and financially wise thing to do. Such thoughtfulness relieves family members from shouldering the burden during a most stressful time, allowing for careful decision-making in an unhurried atmosphere, and assuring that your expressed wishes will be followed. The added affordability of working with today's prices as opposed to tomorrow's can also represent a significant savings.

Our dedicated staff is here to answer questions, make suggestions and to carry out your wishes. Planning now allows you to make decisions together and give your family a most thoughtful and valuable gift.

To know more, please call 410-666-0490 to speak to a Family Service Advisor.