Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the difference between interment, inurnment and entombment?
Interment refers to traditional, in ground casket burial while entombment is for above ground placement in a building (crypt) or in a private mausoleum. Inurnment refers to the placement of cremated remains, either in the ground or above ground in a niche or columbarium.
2What is at-need vs. pre-need?
At-need is defined as making arrangements for burial for a loved one who has recently deceased, usually within 24-48 hours after a death has occurred. Pre-need refers to arrangements made together by a family before the need arises.
3Are there benefits to planning my cemetery arrangements in advance?
Yes, there are many benefits to planning before a need arises. Families may decide together what type of arrangements they want under less duress, what they want to spend, and the location of their burial estate. This not only saves time and money, but preserves life insurance and gives family the peace of mind knowing they have taken care of these details in advance.
4Do you offer information on preplanning?
Absolutely! Please contact our office at 410-666-0490 or send us a message. One of our trained Family Service Advisors will be happy to assist and answer any questions you may have.
5Do you offer special discounts for military and public safety personnel?
Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens offers military and public safety personnel and their families various incentives which may lower their cost of arrangements. Please inquire for more details.
6Do veterans need to complete documentation for their burial? Obtain a marker?
Documentation is required for veterans to obtain a government provided bronze memorial. Funeral homes may also require documentation.
7What should I do if I own spaces but decide to move and want to sell them?
Please contact our office at 410-666-0490 and we will be able to assist you with selling or transferring of spaces.
8Do you allow for personalized funerals on the property?
Yes, many types of celebrations are available to families. Our Advisors will be able to work with your family to create a fitting memorial tribute to your loved one.
9Do you offer a green burial?
Currently, we do not offer a "green" burial section but are exploring options for the future. We do, however, respect the many religious and personal beliefs that may be part of any burial service.
10I would like to be cremated. My spouse would like a traditional burial. What are our options for being laid to rest together?
We offer many types of arrangements, both in and above ground, to accommodate families preferring different types of burial within the same space or crypt.
11What are your service fees?
Service fees cover the administrative and maintenance costs associated with the preparation of the space, crypt or niche for burial. Commonly called opening and closing fees, service fees vary by type of burial and the day and time in which the service occurs.
12Do I need to purchase a burial vault?
We do require an outer burial container for all in ground burials whether they are for a casket or an urn. Please reach out to learn more about our requirements.
13Is your chapel available for viewings?
Our chapel is available for services for those who own crypts or niches in the mausoleum. For an additional fee and subject to times, the use of the chapel may be available for in-ground or non-mausoleum property owners.
14Do you offer minister services?
Please speak with our office for a list of clergy available to assist your family at the time of service. It is vital to have a clergy representative of one's religious background to personalize the service.
15Is embalming required for burial?
Embalming is not required by the State of Maryland. However, we do require embalming and sealing caskets or a casket protector for all mausoleum entombments.
16Do I need a funeral director for burial or cremation?
Please inquire with your local funeral facility for rules and regulations in the State of Maryland.
17Do you offer funeral services at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens?
Mitchell Funeral Services may provide services to your family. Contact Jack Mitchell at 410-628-1930 or visit for additional information. Future long-term plans include a funeral home on the cemetery property.
18What is perpetual care?
Perpetual care is paid by all property owners as part of their purchase to offset current and future upkeep of our grounds and facilities.
19What options does Dulaney offer besides traditional ground burial?
In addition to ground interment, we offer many options for above-ground burial and cremation placement within our cemetery. Please contact us for more details.
20What is the difference between lawn crypts and double-depth burial spaces?
While there is not a noticeable difference, lawn crypts are generally placed in advance. Spaces may be converted to double depth burial, if space permits.
21Why is it important to have a place to visit? Why is having a place to memorialize someone so important?
Many families seek the solitude and peace that comes from having a serene setting in which to visit their loved ones, to pay respect or just to reflect. Holidays are particularly important as visitation increases during these times. Future generations will also have a place to visit and learn about departed family members.
22Should I purchase merchandise from the cemetery or the funeral home?
Families should seek information from the establishment of their choice. We offers vaults, bronze memorials, upright monuments, cremation urns, and caskets that are competitively priced with local funeral homes and third party dealers.
23What are the advantages of mausoleum burial?
Mausoleum provides for a clean, dry, vented above ground burial. Often, mausoleums have roofs to encourage comfortable visitation regardless of the weather.
24When I purchase a space, do I own that land?
The family owns a right to interment, inurnment or entombment on the cemetery's property which may be used for that purpose, sold or transferred with the cemetery's approval. The cemetery retains ownership of the property and is responsible for the property taxes.
25Do I need to prepay 100% of the cost before the burial?
Full payment is required before a service takes place. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the office immediately.
26Do you offer payment options?
Pre-need purchases may be paid for over time with no finance charges and a minimum initial down payment. Please message us for payment options suited to your situation.
27Are there vaults for cremated remains?
Urn vaults provide protection for urns from the elements. An urn/vault combination may be placed directly in the ground as one unit.
28How much notice do you need for a burial service?
As a courtesy, please allow at least 24-48 hours before the service. The cemetery requires the family or Power of Attorney (POA) to sign paperwork before each and every burial. Additionally, maintenance must have adequate time to prepare the site for the interment.
29Do you have temporary entombment? Are there facilities for services in the event of inclement weather?
Our Mausoleum Chapel provides a place for a temporary entombment or committal service in the event of extreme weather conditions.
30Do you provide genealogy information if requested?
We can only provide the location of a person interred within our cemetery. Privacy concerns do not permit us to share confidential information.
31Do I have to purchase a headstone or grave marker?
No, absolutely not. However, many families prefer to have a visible marking of their loved one's site when they come to visit the cemetery. Memorialization allows future generations to honor and remember their loved ones and represents the final footprint of the deceased. Memorialization may be arranged by the family before or after the death has occurred.