Pet Services

Pet Transport

Dulaney Valley offers a service to transport your deceased pet from your home or veterinarian's office. This service is especially helpful for families too bereaved to bring their pet to Dulaney or larger pets that may not be easy to transport. Our pet transport service is available for a nominal fee.

Cremation Services and Pet Funerals

Dulaney is pleased to offer our families the convenience of pet cremation services. Plans are in place to build a facility to allow families to witness their beloved pet's cremation and hold a funeral to say goodbye in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Public Service Dogs

Since 1967, Dulaney Valley has provided free burials for active and retired police and rescue dogs. Dulaney continues this tradition by burying certified service dogs at no charge in a section set aside within the new Pet Sanctuary garden. A bronze nameplate on a bronze and granite cenotaph recognizes the faithful service dogs.

Interment/Inurnment Service Fees

Both interment (ground burial) and inurnment (cremation burial) service fees include the opening and closing of the grave, along with administration fees such as permanent record keeping and documentation. This fee also includes the option for a memorial service with the setup of chairs and staging of the casket or urn.