Serenity offers some of the most breathtaking views, evoking a peace and reverence ideal when honoring the legacy of a loved one. The tranquil two-acre lake features a fountain and two resident trumpeter swans, fondly known as the "Dulaney Valley Princesses". Serenity allows for granite private mausoleum in various designs and colors with the capacity for one up to 16 crypts. Other areas include a visitor bridge for a closer view of the lake and a stone bridge allowing vehicles to pass over the meandering stream below.

Trellis Niches

Serenity features granite trellis niches showcasing a gorgeous backdrop of the lake. These niches are available for the placement of one or two urns containing cremated remains. Solid bronze lettering on the niche front forever memorializes those inurned. Bronze flower vases and porcelain cameos allow for further personalization.