Mausoleum entombment has remained a time-honored tradition for centuries. The advantages of mausoleum entombment were once only available to royalty, the famous and the wealthy. Today, these advantages are available to everyone.

When you select individual or family entombment space in Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens, you not only provide a beautiful memorial to your family, you make a practical investment. Information is available on single or companion crypts as well as the private or semi-private rooms. Aboveground entombment is clean, dry and ventilated. The granite and concrete construction lasts through the ages.

Dulaney Valley has a generous lot exchange policy for those wishing to switch from a traditional ground interment to a mausoleum setting.

Mausoleum Chapel with stained glass features and chairs facing alter with flowers on round tables.

Mausoleum Chapel

The large interior of the mausoleum includes a chapel flanked by two wings. The focal point of the chapel is a large marble altar and a striking, antique stained glass window imported to Baltimore from Germany in 1868. Each wing has six alcoves lined with beautiful art. The inspiring Chapel is available for memorial services and quiet meditation in a comforting atmosphere.

Sanctuary Mausoleum crypts two mausoleums connected by covered breezeway.

Sanctuary Mausoleum

Our Sanctuary Mausoleum is a dignified option for those interested in an alternative to ground burial. The 4,000 square foot mausoleum features two structures joined by a vaulted ceiling creating an open-air chapel for memorial services and visitation. Both individual and companion granite-front crypts, as well as cremation niches, are available based on your preference.

Mausoleum cloisters water fountain in east and west cloisters.

East & West Cloisters

The Cloisters are covered buildings behind the east and west wings of the chapel mausoleum. Beautiful rod iron doors are at the entrance and exit of each building. The buildings are covered, the breeze moves through the doors and the top of the building.

Serenity Garden private mausoleum for family.

Private Family Mausoleum

Distinctive, personal granite structures provide exclusive above ground entombment for individuals or families preferring up to twelve crypts. Each family mausoleum is crafted using jewel-like granite polished to a brilliant luster and is fully customizable.

Entombment Service Fee

The entombment fee includes the removal and placement of the granite or marble crypt front, chapel set up, and use of the chapel for the service along with administration fees such as permanent record keeping and documentation.